You can't get testing like this at your doctor's office! DUTCH stands for dried urine test of comprehensive hormones. Urine gives us the opportunity to look at hormone metabolites, which is really important and often overlooked. When you get a blood test done at a doctor's office, you're getting one snip in time. Our test measures your hormones over an entire day.


You will receive a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your individual results on your lab testing. Your body has unique needs and your hormones help to tell the story of what's happening beneath the surface. Our goal is to give you a roadmap to take the guesswork off your plate so you can heal your hormones and start feeling your best!



Meet with Rachel and Steph to discuss health history and goals in a 30 minute introductory meeting.


Complete the DUTCH hormone panel in the comfort of your own home.


Get your individualized results and comprehensive plan when you meet with Rachel and Steph to go over your results and recommendations in a 90 minute session.


*Payment plan available



Who is this for? Does this sound like you?

  • I don't have the energy to get through the day
  • I am down for the count when I'm on my period
  • I gain weight really easily and can't seem to lose it
  • I'm chronically stressed and nothing seems to help
  • I can't seem to get quality sleep at night
  • I'm losing my hair or I have hair growing where it shouldn't be
  • I'm struggling with acne

Why is lab testing important?

You tell us the "what" with your symptoms and the labs tell us the "why". When we understand why your body is experiencing dysfunction, we can deal with it head on, by addressing the root cause.

Why urine testing over blood, you ask? Well, urine testing gives us more valuable insights into your hormones so you get the most accurate results! The DUTCH test shows you how your body is functioning over the course of a day by collecting 4-5 samples in a 24 hour period. The results allow us to see how hormone levels fluctuate, metabolize (detoxify), and where irregularities lie.

What benefits will I get?

Instead of guessing on solutions and going through a painful trial and error, you will get a clear picture of what's going on in your body. This means that you're going to see results faster and can ensure that you're investing your time, energy, and money in the right place.

We are here to ensure you understand your lab results and know what actions you need to take to start feeling your best. Steph will break down each component of the lab so that you will know where your areas of focus. Rach will give you customized solutions to support your hormone health which includes nutrition and lifestyle advice, specific to you and your needs.

What if I am on hormonal birth control?

Unfortunately, when you are on hormonal birth control, your hormones are not cycling naturally and therefore this test will not have the same level of accuracy. If you're considering coming off of hormonal birth control, this test can help you to develop a plan to come off of birth control safely.

What if I am pregnant?

Congratulations! We are so excited for you! This is a sex and stress hormone test, which means it will not give you an accurate picture based on how quickly your hormones are changing during pregnancy. If you are postpartum and no longer breast-feeding, reach out to us at the email provided at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to consult on a case by case basis.


Rachel Hoeppner

Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Hormone Expert

"When I started working with Rachel, I was tired. Tired of feeling sick all the time, tired of hating my body, and tired of being tired. Over the course of the program, I started to feel so much better! Now, I’m not exhausted all day, and I feel like I have a realistic set of tools to use to help take good care of my body for life! Rachel catered the program to my specific needs, history, limitations and goals. She truly cared about me and cheered me on all along the way!"

Stephanie Center

Licensed Occupational Therapist & Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

"Stephanie took the time to learn about me, personally, and consider how my personal history and lifestyle may contribute to my problems. She also reviewed my extensive list of supplements, found some of my symptoms were actually caused by taking too many, and pared my regimen down to necessities, saving me thousands of dollars per year. Many places offer cookie-cutter programs, but not Steph. "